The FALABELLA is a horse achieved after more than a hundred and fifty years of cross-breeding
and selection, that possesses all the features and attributes of its taller relatives.
The fixed nature of the genetic characteristics of the Falabella allows for their natural
reproduction. Offspring are bred with the same temperament.

In contrast to other horses habitually referred to as miniature in the world today
--many of them irregularly transmit size, temperament and conformation to their descendants--
the FALABELLA does not require any artifice during gestation and rearing to achieve its small size.

Their natural rusticity and capacity to adapt to their environment allow Falabellas to survive
in severe weather conditions -sometimes far better than their taller relatives--without
any special care that may be required for another type of horse.These attributes,
along with their reproductive capability, have earned for the Falabellas fame throughout the world.

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